Meet Kimi Verma

Born in Mumbai India, Kimi got her start competing in Miss Mumbai and Miss India pageants. After winning a number of titles, Kimi took the entertainment world by storm starting in her first feature film in 1994, and her career didn’t stop there. Kimi Verma became a household name not only with the success of her films but by being a very talented model, spokesperson and commercial actress proving that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Kimi always had a secret passion that she needed to let out, a passion for fashion. Kimi set out to take the evening gown world by storm and on May 7th 2012 her dream and passion turned into a reality, the world said hello to Shail K. Staying true to her culture and all the beauty it offers, Shail K. has become one of the leading lines in evening wear, and can be seen in some of the biggest dress boutiques all over the world. Striving for perfection in every dress we sell every Shail K. dress is adorned with beading, sequin, and jewels all completely done by hand to ensure the most immaculate quality, with innovative fashion forward designs you will be feeling like royalty as you dance the night away while our signature Shail K. sparkle catches the light.

With the success of Shail K. Kimi decided to take things up a notch. Already catering to an elegant and sophisticated beauty, Kimi launched Kimi K INC a company that would house some of the most innovative and stylish brands to cater to women everywhere. Launching KurvesByKimi, a line with a goal for curvy women to enhance body confidence by encouraging women to let their true beauty shine through. In addition the new line  KimKiran dedicated to the fun, sexy fashionista who loves short cocktail dresses and loves having all eyes on her.

Kimi K INC main focus is to provide amazing products that is not only affordable and high quality but to also bring out the inner beauty of all women who wear these fabulous dresses.
Kimi Verma
Shail K. Team