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Top 5 make -up tips you need for any Formal event

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When it comes to attending formal events, one should steer away from going the “no-makeup look” direction. Formal event is a time to show people what you got, it calls for glitz and glamour.

I’m pretty sure most of you have spent months preparing for the special day, whether it’s for prom, homecoming or any other school formal, everyone wants to look their best!

Stand out and be a head turner by following these 5 makeup tips for a formal event.

  1. Choose which facial feature to focus on

Whether it’s your eyes or lips, or any other facial feature you choose, show it off girl! If you decide to flaunt your eyes, then go easy on your lips and vice versa. It’s best to select only one feature to highlight instead of trying to show it off all at once! Whether you’re doing your own makeup or hire a professional makeup artist, be sure to know what makeup looks best for you to enhance your favorite facial feature. If you’re going to DIY your makeup (because you’re awesome), do a makeup test to see which look best fits you.

  1. Complement colors with accents

Instead of matching your gown with the same color for everything else such as your makeup or purse, it’s best to complement it with accents. Life if you decide to wear a red gown, you don’t necessarily have to wear a red eyeshadow or a red purse. You can rather opt to complement your red gown with a black accent like wearing a smokey eyeshadow for a sultry look. You can play with colors as long as they complement each other but never wear one color!

  1. Prep up for the school formal months prior to the event

Believe me when I tell you this - you can’t get everything done a day before the formal! Once the school has announced the date, start prepping by looking for inspirations on what you want to wear, your makeup and your hairstyle! But not only that, you also need to ready your skin. This means you may have to level up your skincare routine in preparation for the event! This may includes being tanned for those who love it! Whether you decide to do it yourself or have it done by a professional, same rules apply! And that is to shave & exfoliate beforehand, don’t go overboard with the color and keep your skin moisturized!

  1. Bring the essentials in your ba

During formal events, we usually only carry small purses thus we only need to bring the essentials! I highly recommended bring blotting papers, use it control oil and sweat. Next, a powder compact for touch ups. Also, bring a long lasting lipstick because you will for sure need to reapply after all the eating and drinking! Also bring breath mints, travel hairspray and a compact mirror. That’s about it, you’re almost good to go!

The last but not the least…

  1. Stay true to yourself

No matter how great you look, if you don’t feel great, it will show. Yes formal events are a time to be extra beautiful but it’s also a time to have fun! Once you’ve got your style game on, you should start shifting your focus to what formal events are about, and that is to enjoy and have a blast! Enjoy yourself like you don’t have a care in the world, you deserve it after all the hard work you dedicated for your studies!

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Did I miss mentioning a tip you may want to add? Let me know in the comments!

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