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Tips to survive Holiday Parties

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How to Survive Holiday Parties

Holidays is the time of the year every high school kids desperately waits for. This is the time where you will have to attend pep rallies, football games, parades, parties and a dance.  So there is a lot going on which makes it extremely overwhelming. For girls, the most important event is the dance. Lucky for you, this guide will help you have an amazing homecoming dance and make it a night to remember.

What You Must Do Before Holiday parties

1.     Dress Guide

In order to get the best dress, you will need to make sure that it fits you perfectly. If the dress does not have a good fitting, you will be adjusting it the entire night rather than enjoying the night with your friends.   Dresses are supposed to look effortlessly chic; therefore, try not to go for a long dress. Opt for a short dress that will allow you to dance freely and give you a girly look. One thing you must keep in mind while searching for dresses is that it must be of a color that complements you well. Dark colored dresses seem to work for everyone and they tend to have a graceful impact.

2.     Choose the Right Shoes

All girls choose to wear heels when they are wearing dresses. It is important to choose shoes that are comfortable; otherwise, your night will be ruined. To make an entrance, you must wear heels though. If the heels that you have chosen are uncomfortable, you can add shoe padding to them. Remember to practice walking in your heels before going to the dance. However, you must take an extra pair of comfortable shoes so when you have made “the entrance,” you can change and dance carelessly.

3.     Minimal Jewelry

You are going to the holiday party, which means that you do not need to go all out with the jewelry. Minimal jewelry will look good. Therefore, you must get something simple. Choose studded earrings and a thin necklace that will go with your effortlessly chic look. Too much jewelry can overpower your overall look.

Getting ready to go:

1.     Preparation

Try not to go to events without washing your hair whether you think they are clean or not. You will sweat while dancing, so it is essential your hair is clean. Shave your legs, if necessary. Your goal is to look as clean as you can. You must also choose a hairstyle that will be flattering to your face shape.

2.     Make Up

Waterproof make up is your best friend. If you are doing a dramatic eye look then go easy on the lips. If you are doing a soft eye look then you can go for bold lips.

3.     Do Not Forget To Have Fun

This is your time to have fun and let loose. Make sure you take many pictures with your friends and dance to your favorite songs. Once you are at the dance, there is nothing you to stress about!

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