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Tips for Choosing the Right Color for Your Prom Dress

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A prom night is an exciting night for all the high school girls as it is the night when all the girls dress up to the nines. To stylishly dress up for the prom party is a must. After all, it happens only once in a lifetime.

There are many thoughts that confuse girls when they are deciding their prom dress. Besides what to wear, they are puzzled about what color their dress be?

So, here are some valuable tips that may help you choose the right color dress for your prom night.

1.     First Know the Prom Theme

Most of the proms are based on certain themes. And you may not know but themes can make it simpler for you to choose the right color.

For instance, if the theme of your prom night is classic or fairytale then you will go for softer hues like peach color, blush pink hues, or white, cream colors. On the other hand, if it’s based on Masquerade theme then you can lean onto darker colors like black, red or maroon.

2.     Consider the Location

It could be possible that your school may not be following a certain theme. In such a case, the location of your place can help you decide the perfect color.

For instance, if the location of your prom night is near the beach or seaside then your dress would preferably be of a lighter hue. Do consider location as it will be the backdrop of your prom night photos!

3.     Choose Color According to Your Skin Tone

Girls who have fair complexion look good in lighter tone color dresses. This means that if you have a fair skin then the shades of pink, peach and baby blue will look amazing on you. Other colors that compliment fair skin are bright pastels. Also, hues like black and white looks beautiful on fair people.

If your skin is pink or peach toned, then the best colors would be striking red, plum or green shades. Also, metallic gold or silver will create a stunning glow. In other words, dark shiny colors are ideal for people with pink or peach undertones.

Last but not the least, if your skin is dark then look for gowns or dresses that are ivory in color. You can also opt for shimmery gold dresses. Other colors that look incredible with this type of skin tone are orange, red, yellow, pink and navy blue.

So, look for the dress that complements your skin tone and get ready to look mesmerizing!

4.     Co-ordinate with Your Date

You and your date can wear the same color and match like twinsies! However, don’t be disappointed if you two can’t color co-ordinate. It could be possible that you may not find the same color dress in the shop.

 Or the color doesn’t suit you at all. In such a case, you can wear some other color that compliments with your special friend’s dress. For example, if your date is wearing a black suit than you can wear a classic white silk gown to complement his dress.

These are four major ways that can help you choose the right color for you prom dress. So, choose accordingly!


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