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Tiny and Pretty Style: Do's and Don'ts for Petite frame Divas!

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In the eyes of the community standards, if your height is around 5 foot 3 inches, they will see you as petite. When it comes to fashion guideline for small ladies, there are numerous do’s and don’ts.


Other fashion methods are merely are not remarkably as complimentary if you are facing a height disadvantage, so it is best that you will need to understand how to pretend it.


So what are the precise fashion practice if you are a petite woman? Dressing a small figure is all about casting the illusion of extra height while minimizing the bulk to ensure that no part of your frame becomes dwarfed.


If you are one of the large population of petite ladies in the world who need fashion advice on mastering the art of dressing short legs or a tiny stature, you can apply these fashion suggestions to help you obtain the gorgeous appearance you want every day.

Do: Dress In One Color

Including excessive colors in your outfit indicates you are splitting up your frame into sections. If you desire to produce an illusion that you are taller than you truly are, you can instantly do so by dressing entirely in one color, from your clothes down to your footwear.


A plain color design generates agreement and prevents from dividing your legs, which could make them appear shorter than they are. If you need exciting finishes, be certain that your hosiery or tights are similar in color.


This method will directly provide you the illusion of being taller, and if you prefer dark colors such as purple, charcoal, black or navy, you can even acquire a slimming impact altogether.

Don't: Be Afraid To Be in Possession of a Smaller Hemline

Not all Women’s Clothing fits everyone, if your hemline is long, that indicates less of your lower body is on view which makes your legs look a bit more shorter than it is. So, the shorter the hemline means more advantageous for you.


If you find yourself cozy with dressing a mini-skirt, then this will support in making your legs appear longer. If mini-skirts are not suitable, make sure that your skirt should not be too deep and must settle below your knees. Anything with a mid-calf edge displays a very small part of your legs that they will look nearly absent.

Do: Avoid Wearing Ankle Straps

A lot of people may find ankle straps very cute. Unfortunately, this footwear is not women with tiny legs because it somehow cuts the leg off and makes them seem tinier than it is. Without putting an ankle strap, the leg remains visually down the foot, and will continuously give you that needed additional height.

Don't: Hesitate To Put On Some Heel Each Time you Can

Wearing heels is a great choice because they provide you additional inches where you desire them most, the legs. In addition to this, there is another benefit of using heels for you can wear long pants that hide most of the heels.


By doing so, you will produce the illusion of extended legs, and nobody will notice that the added height came from your heels, and not coming from you.

Do: Dress a High-waisted Bottom Pants

Even though low-waisted pants are popular, they are not the safest choice for your tiny legs. Refrain from wearing low waist jeans and skirts because they attract the eye downwards and shrinks you.


Instead, go for apparel with higher waists like wearing empire line dresses for it helps extend the presentation of your legs by making your torso look shorter than normal.

Don't: Put on Tight Jeans

Tight trousers are off-limits when you have small legs as they awkwardly stick to your butt and reveal specifically how small your legs are. If tight jeans are not good for you, what method should you prefer instead? Opt for bootcut pants or straight-legged jeans. Shades of black are very helpful, but you can as well go for vertical stripes.


In the end, determining how to dress a small figure is more about trial and error. Be certain to check your outfit carefully to recognize if it does anything to make you appear taller and slimmer or if it looks to make you seem chubby and short.


Following thoughtful examination and applying these habits, you will be on the best course to dressing your petite frame in the most flattering way imaginable.

Guest Blog by Lisa Jones.




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