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The Velvet Dress

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We love finding new bloggers to follow, and we were so happy to come across Danielle Gold of "The Velvet Dress" blog... her style is so original and her knowledge on fashion leaves us wanting more. Take a look at one of her posts and be sure to go follow her blog @thevelvetdress 


As you might’ve already guessed from my blog name; velvet dresses are one of my favorite items to wear! Not only are they super stylish and soft but they always add a level of sophistication and class to the outfit, no matter how you style it. Though the hard part for me about styling velvet dresses is that most of them are made for colder months..and living in Southern California we don’t get that much cold weather and our winters are quite short. But I still love to wear my velvet dresses especially on nights out when they actually do a good job of keeping you warm; unlike most other dresses.

The best way to go when styling velvet in warmer weather is to keep it very minimal on the legs, no tights no high socks, and either pairing with some low boots or open toed stilettos/sandals. Also a bell sleeve is a very comfortable option with long sleeve velvet items as it does not stick to your skin. The open keyhole on the chest also helps you to not get too overheated. Ultimately the best way to wear velvet is to keep it very simple on the legs and you probably don’t even need to bring a jacket, because your velvet is going to keep you very warm throughout the night. Other outfit details will be listed below and my festival lookbook is coming next month (in june) so keep an eye out for that! (Sorry for the slight delay on the festival lookbook! It was meant to go up end of this month but I’m busy moving right now! Update soon to come)

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