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Long or Short? It Is the Holiday Time

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Saying that the holiday season is a busy season would be an understatement. There is just so much to do and it feels like such little time to do it!

As every season brings something, this season brings the demands of wearing good clothes that must complement your body figure, features, and your personality well. When such concerns arise, it becomes hard to choose the perfect dress. Questions like “should I go for a long dress or short one?” begin to arise; therefore, to clear all confusions we have some suggestions for you. The factors mentioned below will allow you to choose the ideal holiday season dress for yourself.

1.     The Setting of the Party

The setting of the party is essential to consider. The reason is that everything you wear solely depends the setting of the party. If you were invited to a big family gathering where you will have to meet many of your relatives, the ideal option would be to go for a long dress. This way your dressing will be considered “modest” and you will look quite elegant too.

 If you are headed to a gathering with your friends, then it is acceptable to wear a short, deep neckline, flirty dress. Now that you are aware of this, we can move onto the next factor.

2.     The Weather

It is important to take the factor of weather in count as well. The reason is so that you can pair it with some beautiful winter outerwear on your way. If you are living in a city that is extremely cold, then opt for a longer dress so your legs can be covered. However, if you are not living in a city that is too cold, then you can opt for a short dress and maybe pair it with sheer leggings.

3.     The Shoes

Shoes can make or break the outfit. There are certain shoes that are ideal for long dresses while others are suitable for short dresses. Heels, flats, wedges---there’s a lot of variety you can choose from. Just make sure that the shoes you are wearing are comfortable.

4.     The Figure

Another crucial factor is your figure. If you are known as the “skinny girl” then you need to consider wearing dresses that add some volume to your body. If you are a “chubby girl” then it is recommended that you wear long dresses which can give off the illusion of a slimmer figure.

5.     The Trending Style

You must also consider what the fashion trend is. You want to look up to date with the latest trends! For some inspiration check out fashion magazines to see what are the latest cuts and styles.

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