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How to Take Care of Your Prom Dress

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Prom dresses are a big investment for many girls. Therefore, it is important to provide this dress the right amount of care. Whether there are wrinkles on your dress or a stain, this guide can be your savior. Remember not to freak out too much as these tips & tricks will allow you to successfully keep your special dress safe.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning has the ability to increase the life of your prom dress. If your dress is handled with care and cleaned properly, you will be able to see the following benefits:

  • The dress will have a fresher appearance
  • The color will not fade
  • Your purchase will last longer as the life of the fabric will extend

If you get a stain on your prom dress, it is important to address the problem as soon as possible. The longer someone waits after getting the stain, the harder it becomes to remove it. This happens because the stain soaks in the fabric and dries up, making it hard to get off. Therefore, the best thing to do is to take your prom dress to the dry cleaner.


Getting wrinkles on a prom dress is normal. These wrinkles can be removed by getting it professionally steamed or pressed. If you want to do it yourself, you can use a dry cool iron and press the dress down. Remember, the dress must be protected with a white cloth between the fabric and the iron.

Stains (The Basics)

It is important that the stain is treated as soon as possible. Before performing any stain removal hack, try it on a hidden area of the dress to see how it reacts. Make sure you are checking the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep in mind that ironing a stain can make it harder to remove. Rubbing a stain is the worst thing to do because it can make it penetrate deeper into the cloth.

Here are the common stains on prom dresses:

  • Makeup: You will need to dampen the stain with warm water and gently rub it with a color safe bleach and liquid detergent mixture. Rub this mixture directly on the stain until you can see the outline fading. After that, wash the dress in the hottest (safe- check the instructions) water.
  • Nail Polish: DO NOT get nail polish on your dress because it is almost impossible to remove. If you get nail polish on your dress, you will need to place the dress facing downwards on a paper towel. Gently dab the stain with nail polish remover until you can see it fading. After that is done, rinse it.
  • Coffee or Tea: After getting the stain on your dress, you must immediately run cold water over it. Treating the stain earlier will be better as new stains tend to come off quicker.

Now that you are aware of how to take care of your prom dress, make sure you are providing it with the care it needs.




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