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How to Rock a Sparkly Outfit?

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Nothing is more eye-catching than a bright sequined dress. The shine and sparkles can easily have all eyes on you in this ever-so-sexy ensemble.

 However, one wrong styling choice and you get all the attention for all the wrong reasons. Therefore, to save you from awkward stares and moments, we present to you some fashion tips and tricks to effortlessly pull off a glittery outfit.

 So, read on.

1.     Choose a Dress with a Simple Cut or No Cut

It is quite understood by now that sequins make a major statement. A simple sequin dress can easily turn heads without any dramatic dress cuts. So, you needn’t require a bold neckline or a daring silhouette to attract attention. This is something the sparkles of your dress can easily care of.

Instead, you should look for a dress that has a simple neckline, sleeves, and hem. Let your sequins do the talking rather than your deep V-neckline or a dramatic open back cut.

2.     Don’t Go For a Really Short Dress

Make sure that your sequin dress is long enough – it could either be knee length, a little above your knee or a floor length dress.

Since you will already be basking in the glory by wearing a sparkly dress, you don’t have to seek more (read: unnecessary) attention by wearing a mini dress. Try an outfit that you can sit and walk in comfortably.

3.     Choose an All-Sequin Dress in a Single Color

If you are looking for a dress that is entirely covered in sequins, stick to one color and one color only. 

Wearing a multi-color sequin dress is not a good choice. It’ll make you appear cheap with zero fashion sense. People might even start questioning your fashion style and your goal to impress others would simply backfire.

 Therefore, it is advised to choose a nice single colored sequin dress in whatever shade you like (as long as it is not multi-colored) whether it is black, blue, gold, or silver.

4.     Wear Minimal Jewelry

By keeping your accessories understated you can allow the sequin dress to take the center stage. Since a sequin dress is already quite flashy, wearing flashy accessories as well will make your overall look downright trashy!

You aim should be to incorporate accessories into your style that gives the dress a more elegant feel. You can consider wearing plain dainty studs or a beautiful locket/bracelet. The best is to simply skip the jewelry altogether considering that you are draped in enough bling already.

5.     Keep a Check on Your Makeup

With your jazzy sequin dress, you don’t have to use that many, bold colors on your face. Thus, it is better if you opt for a natural look to subtly enhance your features.

 For eye shadows, stick to shades like black, brown or grey. For your lips, you can consider nude colors or soft hues of pink. The rule is simple; if the lips are bold, then the eye makeup needs to be toned down and vice versa.

These are the top five ways you can easily step-up your blingy style game. If you are wondering where you can find the best sequin dresses, click here.

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