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How to Pick the Perfect Prom Dress

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How to Pick the Perfect Prom Dress

Having prom just around the corner, the search for the perfect prom dress is seen as a challenge or burden. Undoubtedly, prom is the time when every girl wants to look glamorous and elegant. However, the most important part about prom is the dress you choose to wear. With a few simple tips in mind, you will be able to get the perfect prom dress that you have been wanting to rock since forever!

Get Inspiration

You must have an idea of what kind of dress you would want to rock. Get inspiration from red carpet looks, magazines, and social media. Take online quizzes that might help you get inspired. Check out websites that sell prom dress before you go to the store. When you are at the store, make sure you do not limit yourself. Pick up as many dresses as you want and try them ALL on!

Choose a Length

In 2017,  mini, midi, maxi all are in trend. Whether you choose a flirty mini dress or an elegant long maxi, make sure it makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. What you will need to keep in mind, however, while going for short dresses is that it must live up to the prom expectations. A short dress with ruffles or sequences can pass as prom worthy.

Check Your Body Shape

When looking for a dress, you need to make sure it is flattering to your body shape. Here is a quick guide to help you choose a dress that complements your body shape:

  • Full figure — An empire waist dress will give you a long lean look.
  • Hourglass figure — Lucky for you, all dresses would flatter your body shape beautifully.
  • Triangle figure — Try finding a long body piece with a full skirt that will camouflage at the hip. Cap sleeves or cinched wrists will give you a balanced look.
  • Inverted triangle figure — Find dresses that have simple necklines, no ruffles or bows on the top because it will attract a lot of attention towards your chest.
  • Slender figure — Get a dress that will create curves. Dresses with details on top will give the look of a fuller upper body. Try playing around with colors, patterns, and lengths.
  • Short figure — Look for mid-knee or mid-calf dresses that will not overpower your small frame. Try going for minimal details and solid colors so all eyes are on you.

Choose the Color That Suits You

There are certain colors that complement different skin tones differently.

  • Fair skin — Light pink and blue undertones work well for this skin tone. Shades of sapphire and ruby complement this skin tone very well along with bright pastels.
  • Medium skin — Shades of pink, peach, and soft pastels complement this skin tone really well. Go for colors such as plum, lavender, or blue tones to have all eyes on you.
  • Earthy skin — The best colors for this skin tone are bold patterns, red and greens that work beautifully. This skin tone can rock metallic gold as well for a glamorous glow.
  • Dark skin — Look for colors such as ivory, champagne, and shimmery gold. For a vibrant look, choose colors such as bright orange, red, or yellow tones.


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