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Determine Your Body Type For the Best Fit

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Determine Your Body Type For the Best Fit

Are you still in search for the perfect prom dress? Are you confused as to what kind of dress would look good on you?

If these questions are streaming through your head, it is important that you figure out what your body shape is. It is best to get a dress that is flattering to your body shape because this way, you will look balanced and be embracing your body just the way it is.

Figure Out Your Shape

First, you need to be able to answer all the questions related to your body. Make sure you know if you have a big bust and small hips, small bust and big hips, or no dramatic curves or a combination of all. Once you have defined your body shape, you can proceed to explore it in more depth.

Body Shapes

1.     Apple Shape

This is when your mid-section and bust are bigger than your hips. Since you have a nice bust, legs, and shoulders, you want to be able to enhance those features rather than adding volume around your waist. Your goal is to get a dress that adds definition to your waist.


  • Look for empire or A-line dresses or bubble skirts that will balance the heaviness.
  • Highlight the bust by wearing a deep neckline dress.
  • The best dress for you would be a knee-length or midi dress.
  • Details such as embroidered necklines, shoulders, and sleeves would help add definition.


  • Do not wear thin straps.
  • Do not go for super short dresses.

2.     Pear/Triangle Shape

This is when your widest part is your hips and thighs. For this body shape, your goal is to draw attention away from your hips and towards the upper half. You will need to create a balance.


  • Embellished corsets are the best options because they will draw attention away from your hips.
  • Dresses that have the most details around the sleeves and shoulders.
  • Fitted waists and flow-ey dresses are your thing.


  • Do not wear mermaid dresses.

3.     Inverted Triangle

This is when you have a big bust and wide shoulders but small hips. You will need to draw attention away from your top to your waist and hips.


  • An empire, A-line or long dress would look amazing on you.
  • Choose narrow V necklines.
  • Opt for dresses that add volume to your waist and hips.


  • Do not wear short skirts.
  • Do not go for dresses that have details on the bust and shoulder area.

4.     Hourglass Shape

This is when your hips and bust are balanced really well with a smaller waist. You need to get a dress that shows off your curves and highlights your waist.


  • Lucky for you, all styles look great on you.
  • Pick soft fabrics that allow your curves to be prominent


  • Baggy dresses or skirts.

5.     Straight Shape

This is when you do not have any defined curves and your body is relatively straight. Your goal is to add curves to your body and look as feminine as you can.


  • Try dresses like ball gowns or mermaid styles.
  • You can wear dresses with details around the bust area and shoulders.
  • Add volume to your figure.


  • Do not wear dropped waist dresses.

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