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Cute Dressing Tips for the Easter Sunday

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Easter Sunday is known to be a fun day for kids and adults alike! The festival is all about joy and happiness. And this gives us a major reason to dress lively and perky on this day.

Are you wondering how can you put your most fashionable foot forward? Well, read on to find out!

1.     Opt for Spring Colors

Spring hues can be a perfect choice for your Easter dressing. Since spring reminds us of everything that is fresh and lively, your dress should remind us of that too.

You can select light pastels like blush pink, yellow, aqua, lime and lavender to look vibrant and cheerful. However, what is important is to pick shades that compliment your skin color. Not all soft hues go with every skin tone so it is better to first try out the dress before you buy it.

If you have a fair skin then opt brighter and more vibrant tones. On the other hand, if you are whitish then it is better to go for toned-down colors.

Also, choosing an overall pastel colored dress can be a bit risky as it doesn’t complement everyone. So, to be on a safe-side you can pair a pastel top with dark colored denim jeans. Or you can opt for a duller color (navy, black, grey or brown) skirt with your vibrant bubblegum top.

2.     Choose Floral

What could be better than floral to wear this Easter Sunday?

Do you know that flowers and Easter share something in common? And that is the spring season! Easter marks the beginning of the spring while flowers are what we associate the most with this season. So, it is best to wear cute short frill frocks that have beautiful flower patterns on them. You can also look for floral gowns, sundresses and shirts.

However, it is important to choose flower designs according to your body type. If you have a large frame then opting for light delicate flowers is the perfect choice. Also, floral largely depend what age you are. Teens can comfortably wear frocks that have large, colorful flowers on them while older women can prefer to wear single colored floral dress.

3.     Wear Chic Accessories and Shoes

The fun part of the whole dressing up process is when you have to accessorize yourself!

So add a striking look to your overall dress by choosing accessories that go best with your dress. If you have a plain yellow dress then you can wear bold pink hooping earrings or chunky necklace. Or if you are not an accessory person then bold pink colored stilettos will definitely make you look stunning.

If you are wearing a floral dress then dress it up with a cute boater or sun hat. A light silk scarf can also help you up your fashion game in no time.  With flowery dresses you can go with wedge heels which will give an overall cute look to your whole style.

We hope these dressing tips are helpful to you!  And we are sure that you will definitely consider them to look your very bets this Easter.

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