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Choosing the Right Shoes for your Prom Dress

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For prom, the second most important thing that you will be wearing are shoes. The first most important thing is obviously the dress. Although your prom dress will attract all the attention, your shoes are going to be the final touch. Believe it or not, shoes can make or break the look of the outfit. Therefore, we have made the job easier for you!

Dress Color

Although this is a no-brainer and may seem obvious, but it is harder than you might thing.

For those who are wearing a solid colored dress, they have a lot of freedom when it comes to shoes. They can choose to rock funky shoes with prints, straps, or jewels.

However, if you dress is printed or is beaded or decorated with jewelry, then choosing the shoes could be a little more complex. It is complex because you will need to find shoes that do not clash with your dress. For dresses that are decorated with prints and diamonds, the best option is to go for solid colored shoes.

If you are rocking a multi-colored dress then there is a large variety of shoes that you can choose from.  What you will have to do is pick one color from the dress and match your shoes with it. However, after much contemplation, if you are still having troubles choosing a color, then go for a neutral color.

Accessory Color

Accessories play a major role in choosing the perfect dress. For example, pairing silver and gold is not a good option. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the accessories. If your accessories are colorful, the best option is to match your shoes with one of the color in your accessories.

Rule of Color- If you are wearing gold accessories, do not wear silver shoes and vice versa.


When searching for shoes, there are three heights that must be taken into consideration: shoe’s height, your height, and your date’s height (if there is one). These three heights will determine if you should go for flats or heels.


Choosing the style of your shoes depends on the weather and season. Just a piece of advice, do not wear 12 inch heels with snow outside; there is a high chance your toes will freeze. However, with nice weather, you have the freedom to play around with the different style of shoes.

Rule of Shoes- Wedges are good for casual wear, kitten heels are good for business looks, and platforms are ideal for formal situations.


This is the most important things to keep in mind when choosing shoes. If you do not feel comfortable in certain shoes, do not wear them! There is a high chance that you will not be able to enjoy yourself.

In addition, before going to prom, make sure you are practice walking in the shoes you will be wearing so you can get accustomed to your shoes!


With these tips in mind, make sure you are choosing the right shoes for prom.







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