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Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress

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Choosing the Best Prom Dress

Choosing the perfect prom dress can be the ultimate challenge or burden – depending on how you see it. Prom is the time of the year when every girl wants to look and feel elegant yet glamorous. However, when it comes to choosing a dress, there are overwhelming emotions that can take a toll on an individual’s mind. With these tips on hand, there is no way that you cannot choose the perfect prom dress for yourself!

Find Inspiration

Every girl has an idea of what kind of dress she would want to wear for prom. Whether it is princess inspired or red carpet, the idea is very clear in her mind. To get that same idea on paper, the girl must look at pictures in magazines, red carpet events, or social media. This way she will have something on hand when the dress hunting time comes. Every girl must keep all her options open and she must choose dresses that she would not mind wearing.

The Perfect Length

Since it is 2017, all dress lengths are being equally appreciated. Whether it is a graceful long maxi or a girly short dress, it will definitely allow you to look beautiful. However, when choosing a short dress, what you will need to remember is that the short dress must be prom worthy. If it is not formal enough, it will not let you look graceful. You must wear a dress that will make you feel comfortable because you want to be able to enjoy the night in peace.

Know Your Body

There are certain dresses that look flattering on each body shape.

  • Short- Try finding a dress that will come to your knee or calf, as they will not be too overpowering. Dresses that are solid colored with minimal details are the best option for you.
  • Slender- A dress that will allow you to look curvy is the best option. Try getting a dress with details on top so it gives the appearance of a full chest.
  • Triangle- Look for a dress that has a full-length skirt so that it will blend in with your hips. Cinched wrists or cap sleeves will allow you to create a balance with your overall look.
  • Inverted triangle- A dress with simple necklines, no bows, or ruffles on the top is your way to go. If you have a big neckline or excessive details, all eyes will be on your chest.
  • Full- Go for an empire waist dress because it will allow you to look long and lean.
  • Hourglass- You can pull off any dress!

The Right Color

Make sure you know what color suits you the most.

  • Dark- Go for colors like champagne, ivory, or dull gold.
  • Earthy- Colors with red and green tones will work perfect with your skin tone.
  • Medium- Shades of peach & pink or soft pastels will complement you really well.
  • Fair- Undertones of pink and light blue will work perfectly with your skin color.


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