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6 Ways to Look the Best at a Holiday Party

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With the holiday season so near, it is important for every girl to step up her fashion game. Whether the holiday party that you may be attending is a small-scale party or a big family bash, you need to make sure all eyes are on you. However, in order for that to happen, make sure you are wearing your smile and you are sporting the latest fashion trends. With just a few accessories, you can create your own unique style statement and gain compliments from your friends and family.

1.     Showstopper Dress

It is imperative that you choose the right dress. Choosing the right dress means that you choose a color and style that will flatter your body, skin tone and most importantly, your personality.  Once you are assured that you have the perfect dress, all other accessories will work like a bonus.

Our recommendation: A razorback, halter styled dress with a sheer back can definitely pass as a showstopper dress.

2.     Complimentary Earrings

Earrings create that delicate, feminine look every girl wishes to achieve during the holiday season. This year came with numerous earring trends that can complement just about any look. Whether you choose to rock studs or long dangled earrings, you need to make sure they go with your dress.

Our recommendation: Opt for pearl or diamond studded earrings, as they tend to compliment all face shapes.

3.     Artsy Necklace

The second thing that everyone’s eyes go on is the necklace. Therefore, if you wish to draw attention towards the necklace, then you should go for a big, bold necklace. A necklace will add the final touch to your upper body allowing you to look sophisticated.

Our recommendation: If you are wearing a solid neutral colored dress, choose a  necklace with a bold design and vibrant colors. If you choose to wear a sequenced or printed dress, choose a necklace that is minimal so your overall look does not look confusing.

4.     Hand Bling

It is important to pay attention to your hands as well. Whether you choose to wear rings or bracelets, you need to make sure they go with the entire outfit. Keep in mind, sometimes less can be more.

Our recommendation: Choose to wear midi rings with bangle like bracelets, so that it adds to your attire rather than taking away from the elegance.

5.     The Bag

It is not possible to call a look complete without a clutch or bag alongside. Undoubtedly, a bag can make or break your outfit. Therefore, it is necessary you get opinions from others before heading to a holiday party.

Our recommendation: Since you are going to a holiday party, make sure you choose to take a clutch so it is easier to handle. If your dress is of a neutral color, you can choose a brightly colored clutch and if it is a printed dress, go for a neutral clutch.

6.     High Heels

Heels are a necessity for all girls that are wearing dresses this holiday season. High heels are what ultimately provide girls with the feminine look and make them look like a package of grace.

Our recommendation: The higher the heels, the better it is.


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