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6 hacks to prepare you for the dance!

For some, the homecoming dance is already over! But for others, it’s just right around the corner! If you’re one of the students who’ve been busy with the homecoming week and totally forgot preparing for the homecoming dance, then this blog post is for you.

This article will share you six hacks to prepare you for the homecoming dance (even if you totally had no preparation at all!)

  1. Book one makeup artist for your hair and makeup

Cut half of your time looking for a hair and makeup stylist separately by booking one artist to do both your hair and makeup. Also have your nails done while you’re at it. But before you confirm your booking, make sure the artist you will hire can deliver the results you want. It’s best to search online for ideas and inspiration for your hair and makeup. Pinterest is a favorite go-to place for these things. Once you’ve chosen the style you want, show it to the artist and let her assure you she can get it done.

If you are more of a do-it-yourself type, you can check out or makeup collection over at Shail K. as well.

  1. Shop for your high school homecoming dress online

If you’re like a huge online shopper like me, I’m sure you’ve already heard about the horror stories of women ordering dresses online and when it reached their doorsteps, it turns out to be such a disappointment. It was either the wrong style, wrong size or it was just simply hideous. I’ve done my research about this and these horror stories were actually shared by people who ordered dresses from China. What made them to buy from these websites is the affordable price but well, they ended up spending more because they have to buy another dress as replacement for what they originally ordered.

If you want beautiful and affordable dresses without having to worry about the quality, then I highly, HIGHLY recommend shopping at Shail K.

These cocktail dresses look so good! I don’t know about you girls but I were still in high school, these are the types of dresses I will definitely wear to the homecoming dance. But if you prefer a different style then you can go HERE, it’s a link to all of Shail K.’s short and cocktail dresses. If you prefer going to a store, then click HERE and check the Shail K store nearest you!

And of course once you receive your dress, try it on! Make sure it fits your perfectly. Take it to a tailor asap if it needs a little altering.

  1. Buy and break in your new shoes

Whether you want to wear 6-inch stilettos or pumps, it’s pretty important to break them in. Imagine if it’s your first time wearing them on the homecoming dance itself, you’ll look like you’re playing The Floor Is Lava. Be sure to walk wearing them around the house and it still feels painful after a couple of minutes of wearing them, you can purchase foot care products to wear your heels comfortably.

  1. Arrange a photo sesh with your friends and your date

Trust me on this one. My advice: take as many photos as you can during the dance or even before the event! Schedule a photo session with your friends and your date! It can be anywhere you like. You can either hire a professional photographer or get your parents involved and have them take the photos! One day you will look back and reminisce on the good memories (even the bad).

  1. Prepare what you need to put in your purse in advance

Seems like a trivial thing just by thinking about it right now but if you prepare your purse on the day, chances are you might miss a thing or two! On the day of the dance, you will be very busy with literally EVERYTHING and your purse may be the least of your worry. But I guarantee you, you will be needing the contents of your purse once you are already at the dance. There’s the sweat you need to take care, the makeup you need to retouch and a whole lot of potential mishaps along the way! So it’s better to prepare your purse at least a day before the homecoming dance. Here’s what I suggest you include in your clutch:

  • Money - because you never know when you’ll be needing it so better be prepared.
  • Breath mints and not gum - just imagine chomping all night long. We don’t want that, do we?
  • Mini deodorant - because girl you will be sweaty from dancing the night away. Stay fresh by packing up a sachet of deodorant.
  • Dental floss - so you can confidently smile at all the cameras pointing at you.
  • Powder - to avoid looking oily!
  • Lipstick - to retouch after eating!
  • Phone - so you can take snaps and share it on your stories on social media!

  1. Write all of these tips on a checklist

To make sure you will get everything covered and not miss a thing, it’s best to write a list to keep track of everything that needs to be done before the big event. Once you’ve wrote it down, paste it somewhere you can easily see. A good place would be on your mirror or on your study table.You can also put it on your phone, just be sure to put alarms for every to-do if you’re super forgetful.

And of course, the most important advice of all is to enjoy. Don’t expect the night to be perfect, there will be mishaps along the way. Embrace it and just laugh it out!

Do you have any tips to share? Let us know in the comments!

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