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5 tips you need, to survive The Homecoming!

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Homecoming is fast approaching. High schools are yet again busy preparing for parades, pep rallies, and of course the much awaited homecoming dance! While it’s one of the most exciting school events, sometimes it can bring anxiety to first timers and introverts.

For this blog post, let’s skip talking about what dress to wear, what makeup, shoes or whatnot. Because I’m sure by now you’ve had it already covered, right? So instead of these topics, let’s talk about going to homecoming and survive it to live and tell the tale.

  1. Don’t show up late

If it’s your first time, it usually is best to show up early or at least on time. Showing up late can often give you tiny problems, such as looking for a parking lot if you’re driving, loosing your table, or getting all the attention when you enter which I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to happen. Aside from arriving on time, be sure to bring your ID and ticket and other necessities you may need during the homecoming dance.

  1. Secure your attire

Before deciding on dancing and drinking (No underage drinking please...a big NO NO) and enjoying the fun, be sure to secure your dress. There’s a high chance that you’ll be jumping up and down like without a care in the world on the dance floor. So might as well secure that dress babe, to avoid getting viral and be named as the “girl who accidentally got naked while dancing.” Also, it’s best to take off your heels when you decide to dance all night long. First off, it will be too painful to wear them the whole night and it’s likely you will trip yourself because of it.

One more thing!

Please wear waterproof makeup! For sure the gym will be jampacked and it’s going to get very hot. If you don’t wanna look like Bloody Mary after dancing to two songs, I suggest you waterproof your makeup girl!

  1. Go to the dancefloor with your friends

Yes, as an introvert, dancefloors may not be your thing. But if all of your friends are going, would you really rather stay at the table alone? What a total buzz kill! Afraid you might get embarrassed? Don’t be, because there’s a 99% percent chance that you won’t be making a fool of yourself! You’re dancing with your circle of friends anyway, everyone is! No one’s going to the dance floor to just look for people to laugh at!

  1. Expect for the worst, hope for the best

Mistakes and accidents happen. Someone may spill a drink on your dress, your toes might get stepped on, or miss dancing to your favorite song. Whatever it is, expect it to happen! Don’t expect a perfect night, just be ready to face some obstacles along the way. If there’s none, great! But if something does happen, don’t ruin your night because of it. Don’t get pissed off because something bad happened to you. Brush it off! And remember the most important thing, the reason why you came in the first place…

  1. Have fun

Above all, HAVE FUN. There’s no fun in being tensed all night long! Shake it off! Because chances are no one’s going to notice you anyway, if you’re not looking to grab attention that is. Just be with your friends! And just enjoy the night! Whether it’s your first time or you are an introvert, don’t be afraid to let yourself free and just be at the moment. Your with your bestest friends, right? They won’t judge you even if you dance funny so just take a deep breath and dance the night away.

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