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5 Fashion tips for you to accentuate your figure

Curves are sexy, but if your curves aren’t on its rightful places, you might end up looking rather bulky. I’m sure there are days where you just feel nothing is looking good on you. It is not that, it is actually just learning about what kind of outfits look best on you.

There are literally thousands of curvy celebrities worldwide who look ravishing despite having those extra layers! What are they doing? What are they are not doing? I had to find out!

And so I did, and from then on I became wiser in advising which styles you should be wearing. I’m hoping by now you already have an idea which body type you belong to, if not then THIS detailed article from Refinery29 will totally help you.

  1. Invest on a really good shapewear

Don't buy very cheap shapewear and it will end up in the trash bin. It definitely won't hide yoir bulges so you will still end up buying another one but a bit more pricey. So when it comes to buying a shapewear, be mindful of how much you spend but never go for the cheap ones because most likely they are not effective. And if you are buying, it’s best to avoid purchasing it online since you won’t have the chance to try it on.

Whatever shapewear you decide to buy, whether it’s a bodysuit, a cami or short, make sure it achieves the figure you want.

  1. Make solid colors your new best friend

If you’ve been a plus size ever since, you’ve probably learned by now that it’s best to stay away from bright and light colors. Dark solid colors will be eternally fashionable. Darker hues will work too, like darker shades of green, blue or burgundy.

  1. Wear high-waist bottoms

Higher rise bottoms can make you look leaner if worn correctly. It creates an illusion by elongating your lower body. It is best to pair it with a blouse or a crop top to complete this style.

  1. Go for vertical stripes

Do you have horizontal stripes? If yes, it’s best to ditch them. Horizontal stripes can only make you look wider. If you want to wear stripes, go vertical. Same with wearing black, it’s one of the oldest trick in the book of fashion that makes you appear long and lean.

5.Choose maxi skirts

If you choose the right maxi skirt, then you can leverage maxi skirts to your fashion advantage. A well-cut maxi skirt can make you look longer and leaner. A tucked-in T-shirt is usually the best to go with maxi skirts.

Any tip I might have missed? Let me know in the comments!

There are many styles on that can accentuate your body type.

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