Business Entrepreneur Kimi Verma was born in India, in the limelight city of Mumbai.  She began her journey by competing in the Miss Mumbai and Miss India pageants; and little did she know she would become the next Miss Mumbai and continue to win other titles also! In addition to having the opportunity to be a spokesperson for many respected companies, modeling on the ramp, doing many commercials and being a film actress, Kimi decided to move to Los Angeles to embark a new a chapter in her life.


Kimi in-a-flash became settled and set in motion her design skills for shoes and dresses by creating dress lines independently and private labels for brands in the market. She has offered consulting services for companies to market their products better and now after six years of successful fashion lines, Kimi has decided to furthermore grow and launch her own line inspired by her mother. This decision ultimately has manifested into “Shail K.”


Shail K.’s commitment to individuality and upscale contemporary designs is the key. We design dresses equal to the most lavish designer labels in the market by providing our customers with the best fabrics and chic styles.  Mixing bold and jewel tones with intricate beading to create glamorous yet very feminine pieces.


  At Shail K.; we feel there should be a special element to every dress; that is why 80% of our dresses are made of rich fabrics and are hand beaded.  We strongly believe every woman should have access to our dazzling styles along with impeccable quality, therefore we offer custom gown making to accommodate all sizes!
With much enthusiasm we look forward to becoming your “go-to” supplier for those special occasions!


Kimi Verma

Shail K. Team

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